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My Man, My Man, My Man! Toni Braxton Seemingly Updates Fans On Her Relationship With Birdman

Toni Braxton is seemingly updating fans on her relationship status with Birdman. As The Shade Room previously reported, fans initially speculated that the two were dating in 2016.

Then, in 2018, Braxton revealed her engagement to the music mogul.

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Toni Braxton Shares “Sunday Kisses” With Birdman

Braxton took to Instagram on Sunday, November 5, to share a sweet photo with fans. In the image, the singer stood by Birdman’s side as she planted a kiss on the music mogul’s cheek.

Additionally, Braxton captioned the photo.

“Sending Sunday kisses. @birdman 💋”

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to discuss Braxton and Birdman’s relationship. Many appeared surprised that the two were still together.

Instagram user @tonybaker wrote, “They still together?!!!”

While Instagram user @thegarrickdixon added, #1 Stunner keeps their relationship private. That’s why they still together. We don’t need to be in their business.”
Instagram user @thomasadrianna1 remarked, “Yooooo, I forgot alllllll about this here entanglement 😭🩷”
While Instagram user @makael35 joked, “Everybody thinking they broke up *Including me* needs to mind their business! 😂”
Instagram used @dominiquechinn wrote, “I didn’t even know they was still together. They keep it low, that’s better energy in a relationship ❤️”
While Instagram user @beautiful_p_ added, “Wait, they still together okaayyyyyyyy, and that is how u keep ppl tf out your business until u want them in it.”
Furthermore, Instagram user @oldschoolshit joked, “Put some RESPEK on their relationship.”

A Brief Look At The Couple’s “Private” Romance

As The Shade Room previously reported, fans initially speculated about Braxton and Birdman’s romance in 2016. Then, in February of 2018, Braxton revealed the couple’s engagement, per The Shade Room.

In November of that year, Braxton explained that Birdman was eager for them to officially tie the knot before the year was “out.”

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Two years later, Braxton seemingly revealed that 2020 would be the couple’s lucky year. However, whether the pair officially tied the knot or continue to remain engaged is unclear.

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