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Toya Wright’s Brothers Tied to 2014 New Orleans Bank Robbery


Damn so much for a happy holiday! Remember two of Toya Wright’s brothers Walter and Casey from her reality show, Toya: A Family Affair? Well these two recently found themselves in some big trouble as FBI Investigators used DNA testing and confessions to tie them to a bank robbery that occurred last year December in New Orleans.

Check this out! According to the New Orleans Advocate both Walter and Casey Johnson, along with two others stole nearly $200,000 from a Chase Bank and even had an inside accomplice help them along the way. Casey’s girlfriend told them all of the information needed to know about how things operated inside of the bank. She admitted to knowing that her boyfriend planned to drive his brother and the others to the bank that day.

Aside from the confessions, the FBI also used DNA testing to trace the robbery back to them. It was said that one of the gunmen used an ungloved hand to drag an employee to the safe. That employees jacket was later tested and forensic tests traced it back to Walter Johnson.

This past summer the brothers were implicated in a jewelry store robbery, where Casey Johnson was pulled over a few days following the robbery and a large amount of jewelry was found in his vehicle.

It’s been reported that they have spent tens and thousands of dollars on marijuana and the production for their music videos for their group Truce Mob.

Walter and Casey Johnson, along with another has been charged with alleged to have committed a robbery and also with being felons in possession of a firearm. Casey was also charged with four counts of armed robbery. Lets  chat below!



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