Tracy Morgan Reveals He's Related New York Rapper Nas (Video)

Hey, Cousin! Tracy Morgan Reveals He’s Related To THIS New York Rapper (Video)

Fifty-five-year-old comedian Tracy Morgan has shared new information about his family tree.

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Tracy Morgan Reveals His Third Cousin

Morgan appeared as a recent guest on the premiere episode of the ‘Connect The Dots’ podcast. The episode went live on Wednesday, December 6, featuring hosts Kennie JD and Shawn Pecas.

Additionally, Morgan was joined by professional boxer Devin Haney.

During the conversation, Morgan revealed that he was a recent guest on the upcoming tenth season of PBS’s series ‘Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates, Jr.‘ The show reportedly premiered in 2012 and is scheduled to return on January 2, 2024.

“The last question he asks you,” Morgan explained, referring to the show’s host, Gates Jr. “He said, ‘We want to know who did this show that you’re related to.'”

Morgan explained that it was then he learned that Queens-born rapper Nas is his third cousin.

“I turn the last page, and guess who’s sitting there? Nas,” Morgan continued. “Me and Nas is third cousins on my mom’s side.”

The Comedian Reflects On Their Friendship

As the conversation continued, Morgan explained that he and Nas were cool before he learned of their family ties.

“Me and Esco was always tight before that,” the 55-year-old explained. “I did a show years ago on Comedy Central called ‘One Mic’ that was for Nas’ mom that just passed away, so me and Esco always been tight.”

Additionally, the comedian recounted the moment when he informed Nas of their connection.

“I called him up, and I say, ‘Yo Esco. Guess what? I just did ‘Finding Your Roots,’ me and you related.’ He started crying, I started crying,” Morgan shared. “And I said to him, ‘If you ever need me, I’m there, cuz.’ He said, ‘Cuz, if you ever need me, I’m there.'”

Check out the moment below.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Morgan explained that producers on the show uncovered his maternal and paternal family history going back 400 years.

“They went back 400 years on my father’s side and 400 years on my mother’s side,” the comedian explained, per the outlet. “I thought I was big in my life till I found out what my great, great, great grandmother did. My great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s name was Abraham Mack. I know the name of the slave masters who owned us and the slave ship.”

Additionally, the 55-year-old shared the importance of knowing one’s roots.

“You need to know who you come from before you leave this earth,” Morgan added. “Know who you are and where you come from. I did a lot of crying. No matter who you are, you’re gonna break down.”

The outlet reports that Morgan’s episode of ‘Finding Your Roots’ is expected to premiere in February 2024.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users entered The Shade Room’s comment section to share their reactions to Morgan’s revelation and the importance of extended family members.

Instagram user @vanity_mendoza wrote, “3rd cousins are just as close as a 1st cousin especially when your family dynamic was solid growing up!!! ❤️❤️❤️.”

While Instagram user added, “3rd cousins don’t matter? Yall trippin!! Some of my CLOSEST family are my 2nd/3rd cousins! We all grew up together! The older generations started having children really young so a lot of those cousins get raised like siblings…”

Instagram user @yup_its_kei wrote,He could be my 15th cousin & I’m telling the WORLD!💯😂Dope.”
While Instagram user @ms_mooka_baybee added, “Doesn’t matter if they’re 1st, 2nd or 3rd, they’re still kin to one another. This is why family reunions are important.”
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