Trey Songz Hit With $20 Million Lawsuit Due To Alleged Sexual Assault Incident At A House Party—He Firmly Denies The Allegations

Trey Songz Hit With $20 Million Lawsuit Due To Alleged Sexual Assault Incident At A House Party—He Firmly Denies The Allegations

#Roommates, Trey Songz’s legal issues continue to persist, as he is now facing a brand new lawsuit that could result in him having to pay out millions. According to new reports, Trey Songz has just been hit with a $20 million lawsuit due to an alleged sexual assault incident that occurred at a house party—an accusation that Trey firmly denies.

Following a previous sexual assault lawsuit back in November and claims by basketball star Dylan Gonzalez that he allegedly sexually assault her, @TMZ_TV reports that Trey Songz is at the center of a new sexual assault lawsuit. An unidentified woman alleges that back in 2016 at a house party her consensual sexual relationship with Trey allegedly took a dark turn when he suddenly became forceful, as the woman described him as a “savage rapist.” She went on to explain that as the two went upstairs at an L.A. house party he allegedly asked her if he could “get that a**,” to which she claims she repeatedly told him “no” and to stop asking.

The woman further details that Trey allegedly threw her on the ground, ripped off her clothing and forced his penis inside her anus without her consent. She says the alleged incident continued even after someone else briefly opened the door and quickly exited. Once it was over, she ran outside to call an Uber and she stated that her driver rerouted her to a hospital after noticing she was in distress. As a result of the alleged incident, she is suing Trey Songz for $20 million—and Trey (along with his team) have fired back at her claims, responding in a statement that read “The timing of this lawsuit is suspect to say the least, this suit is filed by the same plaintiff’s attorneys whose integrity was called into question earlier today.”

The statement continued:

“The allegations set forth in this latest suit are emphatically false and yet another desperate attempt to shift the focus off of the real story, which is that these lawyers were caught trying to pay off a witness in another one of their sham cases.

One of the attorneys currently has an open bar complaint against them and will do anything they can to try and make a quick buck. This behavior is completely unacceptable and shows a complete lack of regard for real victims of sexual assault.”

As of now, the woman’s identity will continue to remain hidden from the public.


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