Trick Daddy Refers To His Wife's Boyfriends As His "Boyfriend In-Laws", Says He Is Against Getting Divorced

Trick Daddy Refers To His Wife’s Boyfriends As His “Boyfriend In-Laws”, Says He Is Against Getting Divorced

Very rarely does Trick Daddy make a statement without leaving his fans with a lil’ kii, but this one right here is something different! Trick recently sat down with the folks at The Breakfast Club to discuss the dynamic of his marriage and he made it clear that he ain’t getting a divorce no matter what!

Trick Daddy and his wife Joy Young have been separated for some time now, but the two have yet to sign them divorce papers. Trick revealed to Angela Yee and Charlamagne that he has no plans of getting divorced and would rather allow his wife to date other people than to end their union.

“The only way I’d get divorced is if my girl want me to marry her. In my mind right now, I’m like a dual point guard. One and done.”


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Trick explained that he only ever wanted to get married once and he plans on sticking to that commitment, despite his wife verbalizing that she wants to get divorced.

That’s what she say but she use my name. If she want a divorce she need to stop using my name. Then she going around trying to mess with all these dudes trynna find me. I’m right here! They’ll never be me. You can’t melt ’em and pour ’em on me.

As for Joy’s new love interests, Trick stated that he doesn’t mind them being part of her life so long as they treat her right. He also explained that it’s unholy to get a divorce, and referred to his wife’s new partners as his “boyfriend in law’s.” Yee stated that Trick also does his own thing as it pertains to dating, to which he replied:

And leave it like that. She going to hell with me, that’s adultery. I allow her to date but now I need to start evaluating these dudes that you’re messing with because these are my boyfriends and husbands in law.”

Well, at least he’s a man of his word! Check out Trick’s full breakfast club interview below:

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