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Trump In Favor Of Muslim-Tracking Database: “Security is going to rule”

Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, is being shamed, yet again, for his recent comments regarding Muslims. Quartz reports that in an interview with Yahoo news, Trump said that, if elected, he would consider forcing Muslim Americans to register in a database and have a special form of identification that would note their religion. In so many words, he said that he is in support of the forced registration of Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks!

“I would certainly implement that. Absolutely,” Trump said of the database on Thursday in Newton, Iowa. He says that Muslims would “have to be” legally obliged to sign into the system and that the Muslims would be signed up at “different places”, because that’s “good management”. Good management is his overall justification for this, by the way, because he feels that “our country has no management”. “It would stop people from coming in illegally,” Trump said. “We have to stop people from coming into our country illegally.” The businessman is also committed to checking out mosques “very, very closely” as well.

Presidential rival, John Kasich, is accusing The Trump of dividing the country. In a statement, Kasich said, “The idea that someone would have to register with the federal government because of their religion strikes against all that we have believed in our nation’s history. It is yet another example of trying to divide people, one against the other. Donald Trump is unable to unite and lead our country.”

During his Yahoo News interview, Trump said that if he was elected, then he promises to kick out all Syrian refugees who had entered the United States. Next, he noted that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the “strength or stamina” to be president, and that he expects to win the Latino and black vote. I wonder how he plans to do this with all of the awful things he’s said during the course of his campaign alone.

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