Roommates, we all know the saying “love is in the air”, but it looks like babies might be too! A lot of celebs have welcomed bundles of joy this year, and it looks like DaBaby is next on the list.
Sources close to the pair tell us DaBaby and his baby momma Meme are expecting their third child together, despite no longer being in a relationship.
Just a couple weeks back, Meme mentioned in an interview she and Baby are both single, but turned heads when she said he’s “her boo though”. Baby and Meme have one son, and one daughter together already.
Earlier this year, DaBaby made headlines as rumors swirled about possibly being married, after a caption from his high school yearbook surfaced online.
Baby stepped into The Shade Room to let it be known he was never married! From what we heard from our source even though both Meme & Baby are single, they’re both very much ride for each other. We congratulate Baby and Meme on their bundle of joy!