TSR Exclusive Details: Fetty Wap's Wife Has Been Seeking To Divorce Him Since Their First Week Of Marriage Due To Claims Of Cheating & Abuse

TSR Exclusive Details: Fetty Wap’s Wife Has Been Seeking To Divorce Him Since Their First Week Of Marriage Due To Claims Of Cheating & Abuse

Its been two months since Fetty Wap and his lady Leandra tied the knot, and unfortunately, this is the end of the road for them. Not only is Leandra going through with a divorce, she’s been planning on it since the first week they were married.

Sources close to the situation tell us Leandra has been speaking about divorcing Fetty for some time now–one week into their marriage to be exact. Our source says things seemed to be peaches and cream before they got hitched, but things quickly changed as Fetty started to show his “true colors.”

Apparently, Fetty did not keep up his end of the bargain when he said ‘I do’ and our source says not only has he been cheating on Leandra, he is in a relationship with another woman.

Our source also alleges that Leandra has been a victim to multiple forms of abuse by Fetty, including physical, emotional and mental. They add that Leandra apparently now wants out of the relationship, after she has endured “a lot of emotional distress.”

Although Leandra desperately wants out, our source claims that Fetty does not want to go through with the divorce. Leandra is apparently in the process of going through the divorce with her legal team.

Rumors of Fetty Wap and Leandra’s split began after they deleted their photos off of Instagram, and Leandra confirmed the split recently during a back and forth with one of Fetty’s baby momma’s, Masika.

In response to a comment about Masika, Leandra let it be known she is not interested in staying with Fetty Wap, and even mentioned a divorce party.

“Also, I am his wife because we are legally married, but we are not in a marriage,” she said. “He has an entire situation…and I wish him the best. Issa divorce party lol.”

No word on how the divorce proceedings will go, but we will keep you updated on the tea, Roomies!



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