Reports state that Ariana Grande and Beyonce received the same amount of money to headline their Coachella sets. Each of the ladies received $4 million per Coachella weekend—totaling an $8 million pay day.

Listen, fans are already feeling a way about it as some feel as though Beyonce should’ve received more than Ari just on the basis of one word alone—#Beychella! 

With that being said, fans might wanna sip this tea real quick. According to our sources, The Weeknd apparently got paid more than $8 million when he headlined Coachella last year.  An exact number would not be disclosed, however, our sources can confirm that it was “definitely more than [the] $8 million” Bey and Ari received.

Last year’s headliners were Beyonce, #Eminem, and #TheWeeknd so do y’all think the pay day was based off of talent—or issa gender gap ting?! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Catch up on the Bey and Ari tea below!