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  TSR Fashion: Tulle Skirts Are an On-Going Trend In 2015 Says Google and Polyvore!

You would think since the cold weather is slowly arriving that wearing skirts in general are just too difficult to stay completely warm in, but apparently even in some of the coldest states tulle skirts are where it’s at in the fashion industry!

According to Glamour Magazine, Google reported earlier in the year that between tulle skirts and gladiator sandals, both take the cake when gearing up for the Spring/Summer weather to approach. Now, polyvore.com has calculated the amount of searches diligently and apparently 13 states total are curious on where to find that perfect tulle skirt!

A tulle skirt has been formally worn as a fashion statement by none-other than Carrie Bradshaw, who embodies the idea of fashion, especially through the unforgettable hit tv-series ‘Sex and the City.’ Other celebrities have been spotted rocking this trend too like Kelis, Alicia Keys and Thandie Newton.

The effortless plunging full skirt comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Whether you’re more of bold dresser that enjoys vibrant colors to embrace the style of the skirt, or if you prefer to show some leg action and wear the skirt almost resembling a ballerina styled tu-tu, any woman can pull this skirt off no matter how bold or relaxed your look is.

The 13 states who adore tulle skirts the most are: Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Washington, Idaho, Indiana, Arizona, Colorado and North Carolina.

In other states primarily on the East-Coast, like Virginia, Maryland, Maine and Delaware trend-setters are fond on finding that perfect white dress, combat boots, or army fatigue jackets. Some states ironically, like New York are still searching for gladiator sandals. Really though?!

If you’re curious on how to wear a tulle skirt in a fashion forward way, be confident and know what top and shoes to wear with it. Onesies are one of the most easiest ways to look great in a tulle skirt because it hides the fact that you’re wearing a onesie because “ta-da!”— Now it’s a fitted top! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a onesie (because it’s actually a lot harder to go potty in it), you can wear a cropped sweater or cropped fitted top with a leather jacket or bomber jacket of your choice. If you’re stationed in a cold weather zone like Washington or Colorado, combat boots and over-the-knee boots are a must!

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