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TSR Health: 10 Things That Can Cause Vaginal Odors!!

Imagine ladies, it’s Friday night and you’re getting ready to go out.You took your usual hour long shower, put on your best smelling lotion, then you add on your sexy undergarments and last but not least you put on the slamming dress you’ve been waiting to wear all week. But theres a problem which is keeping you from slaying the way you want and it has something to do with your “downstairs” department…yes you notice a stench coming from your vagina!!!!  

How embarrassing…It’s every woman’s worst nightmare! Not only does it not make you want to go out anymore, you were planning on bringing your boo over for some sexy sexy time but who wants to get down when you’re not right down there in the first place?

Of course you then start asking yourself, “What is wrong with me?” Your mind goes crazy with the wildest and craziest thoughts of what it could possibly be like, “Did my man give me something?…Oh I’m going to kill him!” Wayment!! Not so fast, don’t get your .45 just yet! Did you know many times its the personal mistakes we are making that may be causing the vaginal odors in the first place? 

Below are a ten things that you may or may not have known could be causing such kitty odors:

1. Douching/ Excessive Washing

Many women have the common misconception that as long as you overly wash your vag then you won’t have any odor problems. Well they’re wrong and heres why, your vagina naturally grows bacteria some are good and some are bad but douching causes excessive levels of bad bacteria to grow causing odor. Also, douching throws off your pH balance and overly washing your vagina will only disrupt your vagina’s flora as well. 

2. Laundry Detergent/ Scented Body Products

Scented laundry detergents and other cleaning items you use on your underwear or pants ( for those who like going commando) can cause vaginal irritation and smells down there the same way scented lotions and soaps do.

3. Wearing Underwear To Sleep

Take off the panties, its okay! Going naked will help air out your vagina and make it feel fresh for the next day!

4. Tight Clothing 

Basically if your crotch feels like its suffocating in your underwear or pants ditch them! You are causing your vagina to sweat which again cause the stinks!

5.Physical Activity

Its always great to freshen up after a long day in the sun or even the gym. If your vagina sweats odors will inevitably form

6.  Excessive Pubic Hair

It is said that way back when women did not shave their pubic hairs in order to attract a mate with their scent, welp those days are longgggg gone!! Please do everyone a favor (mainly yourself) and landscape!

7. Spicy Food

Did you know that eating excessive spicy foods can increase vaginal discharge which can lead to a nasty odor.

8. Eating Bad

Eating poorly will disrupt the vaginal flora leading to bad smells as well.

9. Allergies Condoms

Ironically, having safe sex the condom way may not be the best way to go. If you don’t know that you are allergic to condoms and you use them anyways you may get an allergic reaction which will cause burning sensations and bad smells. 

10. Sex 

According to Women’s Health Mag, semen has a high pH level and when it comes in contact with your vagina which is acidic it combines to make a whole new “chemical property” which may also result in a foul smell. 



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TSR Staff: Debra Oh! @The_Ebony_Issue on IG!!

Source: http://madamenoire.com/526498/15-things-can-cause-vaginal-odor/14/


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