How White House Is Battling Gun Violence After Takeoff's Death

TSR Investigates Updatez: How The White House Is Battling Gun Violence 1 Year Following Takeoff’s Passing

With the first anniversary of Takeoff‘s passing upon us, we’re looking at how the White House is ushering in change to help tackle the issue of gun violence.

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Greg Jackson Details The How Bipartisan Safer Communities Act Combats Gun Violence

The latest installment of TSR Investigates Updatez opens with a look back at how Takeoff’s passing impacted others. Quavo — the late star’s uncle and fellow Migos member — previously made it clear that he wanted to make a meaningful difference in the aftermath.

As a result, he met up with Vice President Kamala Harris earlier this year to advocate for gun violence prevention, and we’re now getting a look at how these efforts are helping to bring about change.

Greg Jackson, the White House’s deputy director for the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, is one lawmaker who’s addressing the issue, and he met up with Justin Carter to speak on the urgency of the situation.

“Gun violence is now the number one cause of premature death for all Black men in America, and there are unfortunately too many of us that have been through similar situations.”

Continuing, Jackson noted that “the first bill to address gun violence in 30 years” was signed into law just last year. This law, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, directly hones in on strengthening background check systems, expanding mental health services, and more.

He went on to refer to the plan as a “FEMA-style response” that “pulls together the entire government to help communities respond and recover from mass shootings.”

Senior Advisor To Kamala Harris Speaks On Quavo Meeting

Stephanie Young, senior advisor to Kamala Harris, also caught up with Justin Carter to speak on how the VP responded to her sit-down with Quavo.

“That was a very powerful meeting. There was a lot of raw emotion and grief.”

Young added, “She left that meeting energized — obviously very moved, but energized in figuring out and working with the new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.”

While on the subject of Takeoff’s passing, we should add that Patrick Clark, the man accused of killing the rapper, is currently on house arrest and awaiting trial.

His attorney, Letitia Quinones, told The Shade Room that her client is still proclaiming his innocence.

“Two African American males were adversely affected that night. One who lost his life, and one being wrongfully accused for it… My client was not the one who did it.”

Clark has a pre-trial court hearing scheduled for early 2024.

Catch the full episode down below!

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