TSR Love Jonez: Listen!!! There’s nothing like that old, black love and this couple right here embodies it all! 

Twitter user Dora posted this beautiful video of her parents, and if it doesn’t give you the feels then IONO what’s going on with your individual emotions. Dora explains that it was her mum’s birthday, and her dad serenaded her with that old school soul as she walked down the stairs. 

Dora says that her dad actually used to sing with Motown, and that’s clearly not surprising with how he’s coming through with the vocals! Mums was getting it with the finger snaps and the head tilts too okay!!

Visually, this is that type of love we’re all trying to experience at least once in our lives. This is that ‘couple goals’ energy I’m trying to give off. This is that ‘I’m noticing birds chirping’ type of love! This is that Aunt Viv and Uncle Phil type of love and we’re here for it all! 😩😍🙌🏾