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TSR Politics: Bernie Sanders Reveals Plan To Further Decriminalize Marijuana If Elected President

TSR Politics: So many lives have been impacted by the laws surrounding marijuana in the United States. Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has spoken out about the issue on various occasions during his campaign.

Now, Bernie is back again, and is revealing his plan to further decriminalize marijuana. He says his goal is to ensure that marijuana will no longer have such harsh and lasting effects on the community of color.

Bernie speaks about his plan in a series of tweets, expressing his disgust with the current laws surrounding marijuana.

“Today, the government considers marijuana as dangerous as heroin. That’s idiotic,” he says. “As president I will immediately issue an executive order to declassify marijuana as a controlled substance.”

This first step to Bernie’s plan is an important one. So long as marijuana is considered a controlled substance, it can and will be regulated by the government, under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

Bernie continues saying:

“Too many lives were ruined due to the disastrous criminalization of marijuana. Today I am releasing my plan to: legalize marijuana with executive action, expunge past marijuana convictions, invest in communities most affected by the war on drugs.”

Although Bernie does not go into specifics, regarding the resources he will use to accomplish this plan, one can assume he will use the same plan of action he laid out to get rid of student debt.

As we previously reported, a large part of Bernie Sanders campaign is his promise to eliminate student loan debt if he’s put in the Oval Office. He says the best way to to accomplish this is to tax Wall Street transaction.

“All Americans will get the college education or job training they need, while having all student loan debt forgiven,” Bernie tweeted. “We bailed out Wall Street in 2008. It’s time to tax Wall Street’s greed to help the American people.”



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