If your current circumstance is not where you envisioned yourself, don’t be weary. Sometimes you have to go through situations to help make you stronger and build you for what you will eventually have. 

K Michelle took to Instagram and proved that where you start doesn’t dictate where you will end up. While endorsing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, K shared a heartfelt message on her journey thus far. 

When we first met K she was the hot headed reality star on Love and Hip Hop and was known for popping off on people via Twitter. My has she come a long way from that! Now don’t get it twisted K will clapback at a hater any day and has provided us with some epic #Clapbackseason moments LOL.

One thing for sure is her growth shows that you don’t have to become a victim to the past. Despite everything she’s been through, she graduated from Florida A&M University with honors and had intentions of going to Law School upon graduation. Music saved her in a way and she was able to share her gift with others.

In turn, she has been able to defy odds by being the first black person to not only be endorsed, but also have their own beverage line with Jack Daniels!

She also revealed that she plans on going to Law School and pursuing more business ventures in addition to her music. 

Read her full IG post below


It’s amazing what having strong perseverance can lead you too! Stay inspired to always be great Roommates!
TSR Staff: Chinny @Miss_ChinChin on IG!