TSR Positive Images: You all have been following Alex Trebek’s battle with cancer since he announced having pancreatic cancer. Alex’s fight has truly been a rollercoaster, but one of the teens who had the opportunity to be on #Jeopardy has decided to give back in his honor.

According to CNN, Avi Gupta dominated a teen “Jeopardy!” tournament over the summer, taking home $100,000. Now, he’s donating 10% of his winnings to cancer research in the name of Alex Trebek!

Gupta donated more. than $10,000 for pancreatic cancer studies at the Knight Cancer Institute in Oregon, just in time for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. His donation will also promote early detection of pancreatic cancer–something Alex advocated for in an October PSA.

In a clip on Twitter, the Columbia University freshman said he was inspire to give by Alex, who voted the June tournament he won. He says Alex is “someone I looked up to my whole life.” Gupta even snuck a math reference into his $10,314 gift. The last three digits are a reference to pi, which he says represented his “lifelong love of learning and math and science.”

As we previously reported, Alex announced his battle with pancreatic cancer back in March and had been making tremendous progress. So much so, his physicians declared he was in remission and would be able to return to his role as host on the popular game show.

Just months later, however, Alex gave us an update on his health, saying he would be resuming chemo treatments in September. His doctors reportedly made a premature call on his recovery and he is still in the state 4 fight.

Alex has continued to stay positive on the sojourner, saying that he’ll continue to host the game show as long as his “skills do not diminish”. He doe note, however, that he might quit if his condition gets worse.

Continue to keep Alex Trebek in your prayers, Roomies!