TSR Sports: There isn’t much you can really get passed TSA agents these days, but D’Angelo Russell sure did try it! The Brooklyn Nets point guard was cited for stashing marijuana in his luggage in a unique way.
D’Angelo was on his way to board his flight to Louisville on Thursday when a suspicious iced tea can flagged the scanners, TMZ reports.
Unfortunately for D’Angelo, TSA agents discovered the fake Arizona can had a secret compartment where he was hiding marijuana, as well as a grinder. Law enforcement told TMZ that Russell initially said the drugs belonged to his brother, despite being alone at the airport.
D’Angelo was cited for possession of marijuana and was allowed to board his flight. He is now waiting to see if he will have to pay a fine.
The Brooklyn Nets released a statement saying “We have been made aware of the situation involving D’Angelo Russell and are in the process of gathering more information at this time.”
D’Angelo has had a colorful career as the Nets’ star point guard. He helped lead BK to 42 wins, and made it to his first All-Star game this past season. His teammates have applauded him for his leadership and professional approach to them.
Whew child, we hope D’Angelo can clean up his act and continue beasting on the court!