Roommates, we are saddened to report authorities have found the body of Alexis Crawford, a Clark Atlanta University student who was reported missing on October 30th.

In a press conference held at Atlanta Police Headquarters, Police Chief Erika Shields sent her apologies to the family, friends, and peers of Alexis saying, “I am so sorry we could not provide a better ending,” CBS46 reports.

On October 27th, Alexis filed a police report with the Atlanta Police Department stating that her roommates boyfriend had forced himself on her. She specified that 21-year-old Barron Brantley had kissed and touched her against her will. Alexis unfortunately went missing three days after she filed the report.

Police Chief Shields stated. that one of the suspects in the case lead investigators to Exchange Park, where Alexis’ body was found. Sources tell CBS46 the roommates and her boyfriend allegedly confessed to playing a role in Alexis’ disappearance.

Earlier this week, authorities released surveillance photos of the Clark Atlanta senior at a liquor store near the university. It was the last time she had been seen outside of her apartment prior to the beginning of the search.

The search for Alexis has had an undesirable ending, but the search for another young women in Atlanta continues.

Aniah Blanchard was last seen on October 23rd at a convenience store, and her car was found two days later near her hometown. Authorities say her vehicle was damaged, and contained evidence that led investigators to believe she was a victim of foul play.

Aniah’s family is now convinced she has been taken against her will. Her father, Elijah Blanchard, says concerned is an understatement for how he feels.

“Release my daughter and let her come back to where she belongs,” he says. “For the people who are involved in this, I want them to understand that this is serious to us and we love our daughter and we’re not going to stop.”

We are praying for both families impacted by these tragedies, and we ask that you do the same, Roomies.