Whew!! Looks like LHHNY’s Brittney Taylor is not going to be catching break for this one!


We previously reported Brittney being arrested for an alleged assault, and now, she’s being hit with a restraining order because of it!


According to TMZ, a judge in New York has ordered a temporary order of protection against Brittney, who allegedly assaulted her roommate in the lobby of their apartment building.


Brittney is being ordered to stay away from the woman until December 14 of this year, and has be ordered to turn in any firearms she may have in her possession!


As we previously reported, Brittney was arrested for an alleged assault and has since been released without bail, but its still facing charges for aggravated harassment.


Authorities confirmed that Brittney and her alleged roommate were arguing in their apartment when things escalated into a fight, and moved to the lobby! Brittney is being accused of scratching the woman and throwing her phone after she used it to repeatedly hit her in the face.


As y’all say Roomies, that karma does come back around! Just a few months back, Brittney took to Instagram to put Remy Ma on blast for allegedly giving her a black eye. She even went as far as pressing charges against Remy and held a press conference about the situation!


Remy has since been arrested and released, but child, the irony sure is present!


Stay with us as we keep you updated on Brittney and her legal troubles.