TSR Updatez: A judge has ruled that the jury in ex-Dallas cop Amber Guyger’s murder trial can consider a law similar to “Stand Your Ground” in deliberations.

The trial, which has spanned the past couple of days, is nearing the end as both the prosecution and defense gave closing arguments today. As the jury deliberates the fate of Guyger, who fatally shot her upstairs neighbor #BothamJean in his apartment after claiming she mistook his apartment for hers, they have the option to consider the Castle Doctrine.

The Castle Doctrine, similar to the Stand Your Ground Law, allows a person to use “or using force (even deadly force) in the protection of a home, vehicle, or other property if someone attempts to forcibly enter or remove an individual from the premises,” according to CBS 11.

The Judge also ruled that jurors may consider manslaughter when sentencing Guyger. Assistant District Attorney Jason Fine said in closing arguments on Monday that Guyger was “an intruder” in Botham Jean’s home.

“She did not think that night. When they talk about ‘deadly force’ …she had to use deadly force? Bo was about to eat some ice cream. Was Bo a threat? No. He was not a threat,” said Fine. “…This case is about accountability for unreasonable decisions. You 16 are the voice of the community. This cannot be allowed. It cannot be acceptable. Not here in Dallas, not here in Texas — not anywhere.”

Guyger’s attorney Toby Shook urged jurors not to base their decision about Guyger’s fate on emotion.

“You can’t say ‘I feel so horrible [edit: for Botham Jean], I am going to make something happen.’ You can’t use emotion when making your decision.”

Assistant District Attorney Jason Hermus also addressed Guyger’s decision to use deadly force in his closing argument.

“We’ve long suspected she made that decision in the hallway. The trial confirmed that. She was in a position of safety – behind a steel door — outside the door. She knew there was someone inside. She assumed it was an intruder. And she decided that she was going to engage him. That means she had options; deadly force wasn’t necessary.”

Hermus reminded jurors that Guyger could see Jean after opening his door.

“She has a whole belt of tools. She chooses the gun; the most lethal,” he said. “She shot him dead in the heart. That is not a mistake shot. That’s a well-aimed shot,”

We’ll keep you posted on the outcome of this trial, Roommates.