TSR Updatez: Pierre Thomas Reportedly Denies Lira Galore's Abuse Claims, Alleges She Was "Physically Violent" Toward Him While Using Drugs

TSR Updatez: Pierre Thomas Reportedly Denies Lira Galore’s Abuse Claims, Alleges She Was “Physically Violent” Toward Him While Using Drugs

Things are getting a little hectic between Quality Control Music CEO Pierre Thomas and the mother of his child, Lira Galore. As we previously reported, Lira is taking Pee to court, accusing him of abuse during her pregnancy. Pee’s story, however, is a little different.

According to TMZ, Pee is denying every claim that Lira is making about him being abusive to her during her pregnancy, and that he is an unfit father. He reportedly says he doesn’t understand Lira’s motives in this lawsuit because he’s been taking care of their 8-month-old daughter Khaleesi very well.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ, Pee says: “It must be questioned as to why she allowed him unsupervised visitation with the parties’ daughter and waited so long to file this monetary claim.” The documents also state that Pee is accusing Lira of being “physically violent” towards him while being under the influence of various drugs.

As we previously reported, Lira Galore filed a $15 million lawsuit against Pee, accusing him of being physically abusive during her pregnancy with baby Khaleesi. She included photos of the alleged injuries she suffered during the time.

In legal documents, Lira describes five separate instances, where Pee allegedly put the paws on her! In one alleged attack, she claims he punched her in the face, threw her on the ground and choked her. She alleged she had knots on her head from his punches.

She also alleges that Pee dislocated her finger in an attempt to rip off the engagement ring he gave her, and he would often throw money at her to make up for the abuse, She alleged back in August of 2018 he tried to “make things right” by buying her a $50k SUV.

As of now, nether parties have publicly addressed the allegations, but Lira’s tab has increased by $20k!




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