#Roommates, it’s been some months since the video of high school wrestler, #AndrewJohnson, being forced to cut his dreads off went viral. Since then, referee #AlanMaloney has been investigated and banned from officiating anymore matches. Now, Maloney is back and he’s looking for $100,000 in damages.
According to @tmz_tv. Maloney has reportedly threatened the New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association with a $100,000 defamation lawsuit, claiming he did nothing wrong in the match with Andrew Johnson.
In the letter, Maloney pleads his case saying Johnson’s hair length violated the rules set by NJSIAA, and that he gave Andrew time to get a hair covering. Because one was not available, he says he followed policy and “provided the wrestler with the time to correct the deficiency,”–basically saying he gave Andrew the means to cut his hair.
Maloney believes that because he was just following protocol, the association should have done more on his behalf, and because they banned him from officiating games, he has now lost out on income and “suffered emotional distress”.
Once the video went viral, many people accused Maloney of discriminating against the wrestler and acting out of racism. Maloney feels the NJSIAA did nothing to defend him, nor correct the narrative.
Andrew Johnson’s attorney told TMZ the lawsuit is ridiculous and should not be taken seriously.
“To the extent that Maloney plans to file a claim as a victim in this incident is outright absurd.”
Maloney has yet to file an official lawsuit against the NJIAA, and it is not clear what he wants them to do to stop him from taking them to court.
As for Andrew Johnson, he has not let the incident hold him down! He’s still killin’ it on the mat and qualified for the prestigious wrestling regional championships!