Roommates, police have arrested 48-year-old Sonny Alloway after a now-viral video captured what appears to be an attempted abduction on a Bronx subway.

According to PIX 11 News, NYPD found and arrested Alloway in the Bronx Monday. He has been charged with unlawful imprisonment, according to authorities.

In the terrifying video, Sony can be seen sitting directly across from the young woman, and within seconds, he picks her up and runs off of the train car as the doors open.

He can be seen holding her against her will on the platform, until she’s able to seemingly escape his grip and run back on the train. She begins to yell for help, waking the man she was sleeping next to, and claiming Sonny tried to take her off of the train.

According to the NYPD, Alloway was “preventing a female from getting away from him.”

Stay with us as the story continues to develop, Roomies!