Wayment! Keyshia Cole is out here tweeting in Zulu and fans are shook! For those who are new to the party, isiZulu is one of the many native tongues of South Africa. 

Keyshia tweeted, “Hi EVERYONE … Ngiyakuthanda !!! ngiyabonga ngokungilandela,” Which basically means ‘hi everyone! I love you, thank you for following me!” Before you ask me how I know this—just read my IG handle…the ‘h’ is silent. 

Keyshia went on to respond to many fans’ tweets in isiZulu which prompted them to think she was hacked. Keyshia let everyone know real quick that she wasn’t hacked, and that’s all her!

With that being said, some people suggested some Zulu names for Keyshia such as ‘Kayise’ and ‘Khetiwe’, and the others started with the memes…

Keyshia was even trending on South African Twitter!