Ya’ll be playing with your eyebrow hairs like they’re just there to be played with. Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes, well…not so much.

There’s a new brow trend on the gram that they’re calling #FishtailBrows. I personally first saw this look on #RioSummers, a competitor on this seasons #AmericasNextTopModel, and loved it—on her! IONO what it would look like on the rest of us, but sis definitely did that!!

That being said, Instagrammar #Stefan, aka #Skyzeditz took it upon himself to photoshop this look on some celebs and beauty bloggers, and dubbed his work the #Fishtailbrow. So #Roommates, are ya’ll feeling this trend?? Is it going to make it to your personal brows?! Let us know if its a #SlayOrNay

TSRStaff: Thembi ( @ThembiTV_ )