#TSRExclusive: Original 'All That' Cast Member Angelique Bates Speaks Out On Shows's Abusive Nature Behind The Scenes - The Shade Room

#TSRExclusive: Original ‘All That’ Cast Member Angelique Bates Speaks Out On Shows’s Abusive Nature Behind The Scenes

Hey, Roommates! Earlier this evening, we reported to you guys that ‘All That’ was making a return to Nickelodeon and that some of the original cast members would be providing commentary on the reruns. We can only imagine what Kenan & Kel, Lori Beth, Josh Server and Danny Tamberelli will remember from their childhood! Unfortunately, original cast member, @AngeliqueBates, recalls a most horrific time during the first two seasons she worked on All that.

In an exclusive video for The Shade Room, she explains some of the horror she endured such as physical, emotional and mental abuse from her mother in front of producers who strongly urged her to just take the abuse and to remain silent– up until now! You can view Angelique’s shocking confession below:

​​It is really sad to hear of big companies that seem to put money before their employees’ best interests. I believe that there will only be more opportunities for people to expose the wickedness running rampant in the entertainment industry, especially against children. Brian Peck and Dan Schneider are just a couple of actors/producers who have actually been convicted of pedophilia in Hollywood, but are still able to work on the sets of children’s shows and movies! The great thing is that due to technological advances, it’s becoming more difficult for things such as child abuse to just happen and no one not know about it.

On a lighter note, Angelique is ready to work! Allegedly, she was supposed to be apart of Nickelodeon’s commentary with the aforementioned, however things just did not work out. If you’d like to keep up with Bates, you can follow any of her social media below!



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