#Roommates, looks like it’s a rap for Pretty Ricky again. The group had a show in Phoenix, AZ at The Celebrity Theatre last night and let’s just say things got real messy backstage between Pleasure P and Baby Blue. The two ended up getting into a physical altercation!

When the group members arrived at the venue they had requested that Pleasure have his own dressing room away from the rest of the group.

During the show, one of the promoters @MercedezUAZ said you could feel the animosity between Pleasure and Baby Blue on stage.

According to our source, after the show Blue went into Pleasure’s dressing room and started talking about him being a diva and hogging the stage, and Pleasure wasn’t having it.

“Pleasure was like get out of my room and kept telling the promoter Cedez, get this n**** outta my room!”

The promoter apparently tried to diffuse the situation but they kept going back and forth and then Blue pushed him and it was on.

The fight was so bad they ended up tearing the dressing room apart, breaking mirrors etc.

Our source said that in the end Pleasure got the best of Baby Blue.

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