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#TSRExclusive: Woman Claims Bow Wow Paid Her To Get Rid Of Baby He Fathered


A woman who says she’s recently been involved with #BowWow alleges that he manipulated and paid her to get an abortion.

Model Jasmonique Easterling said she met Bow Wow through a mutual friend and became romantically involved and within a few weeks she allegedly became pregnant.

Easterling said Bow Wow manipulated her into getting an abortion and had his assistant try to set it up without speaking to her. However, the alleged texts show she reached out to him after finding out she was pregnant for financial and emotional support.

The alleged texts also imply that he directed her to a clinic that performed the procedure and told her he was going to pay for it.

She claims she agreed to meet up with him after she had to quit her day job because she was too weak and sick to work and needed help to continue to pay bills.

“I told him if I got an abortion he would have to help me out and he made it seem like he was going to,” Easterling said. “But he only paid my ultrasound bill, abortion and a room.”

She says that he asked her not to say anything about the baby because of his ex-girlfriend having a miscarriage and he didn’t want his mother to know.

“And I only agreed because I already felt alone and had no help,” Easterling said. “I model myself and I’ve been lying to people about being sick and pregnant.”

Easterling adds that she has missed model and hosting bookings due to the pregnancy and abortion and is currently not working as she is still recovering.

“I’m tired of him acting out and not helping me,” Easterling said.


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