A Brazilian fashion designer recently debuted her new swimwear line during Miami Fashion Week, however her designs looked all too familiar to another brand, and now they are calling her out for plagiarism.

According to the Huffington Post, swimwear label Bfyne is accusing Silvia Ulson of ripping off their 2017 “Sahara” collection, which was inspired by the brand’s Nigerian culture.

A rep for Bfyne said in a statement, “That was extremely important for us to execute properly. We wanted to bring sexy to dashiki print and change the way the print was being looked at, ultimately transforming it into something no one has ever seen before.”

Now there is definitely an obvious resemblance for sure!

The company also added that Ulson had her models wear feather headdresses to ”[deceive] people to think the print and design were Native American-inspired.”

Bfyne’s rep also added, “We live and breathe our culture, and we made it our mission to showcase that through our designs and the dashiki print.”


Roommates, check out the designs below and tell us your thoughts.

Arun Nevader/ Getty Images
Arun Nevader/ Getty Images
Arun Nevader/ Getty Images