1.) Realizing you look like a bum and need a haircut!

2.) Walking in the shop and get mad that there are ten heads in front of you, but you know you’re going to sit there anyway.

3.) When the barber is too rough with the clippers and they ask if you’re alright, but you lie and say, “Yeah.”

4.) Let’s talk the anxiety of wanting to make sure your line-up is straight and you don’t walk out looking crocked!!

5.) When the barber is standing just a liiiittle too close to your face and you want to hit the Heisman on him, but you can’t compromise your hairline.

6.) Wanting to chime in on the barbershop tea, but you don’t know these people so you just mind your business.

7.) Feeling air in your scalp when the barber is done

8.) Hair. Is. Everywhere. 😖

9.) Getting home and washing your hair, but you still find hair in the deepest crevices of your ears 😤😫



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