There’s a hero in #WilsonCounty, North Carolina, who happens to rock scrubs instead of a cape. Medical professionals are often doing their job to save lives and 28-year-old #ShericeRichardson is no exception, even when she’s off the clock.

Today, law enforcement officials are praising Richardson for performing life-saving measures on an injured state trooper who was shot in the face. The incident happened last week when Sherice was driving to pick up her daughter from daycare when she saw flashing lights. She slowed down and saw the officer had been shot and was bleeding profusely.

North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper #DanielHarrell had been shot in the head during a routine traffic stop, according to @Foxnews. Attending to the officer, Richardson called 911 then used gauze she found in his patrol car to stop the bleeding while praying over him until emergency responders arrived.

“I had him in my prayers,” Richardson said. “I feel like God put me there on that road for a reason.” Richardson initially waited to post about her heroic ordeal until the shooter was captured.

“I didn’t want to post this until I knew they caught the shooter… but yesterday, on my way to pick up the baby from daycare I was coming around a curve & I saw blue lights. My first instinct was to slow down (I don’t need another speeding ticket). But as I came closer, I could not believe my eyes. This car was smoking with bullet holes in the windshield & I just couldn’t go past it (despite my past judgements of law enforcement). The officer was bleeding from his face & I knew I had to help him. I just had to stay with him until EMS arrived to take over. This is somebody’s son, brother, dad, uncle, etc… & he didn’t deserve to be shot like this trying to do his job. I watched my brother lay on concrete lifeless in hopes that he would get a second chance. I would not wish that pain on anyone’s family, especially in the line of duty. I pray this man pulls through with a full recovery & I pray they fry the man behind the gun. This was definitely a life changing experience for me.

(This pic was taken after EMS took him away)” her Facebook post said.

Three men were arrested and taken into custody in connection to the shooting following a massive hourslong manhunt this past week. John David Jones, 36, William Allen Boswell, 40, and Bryan Jeffrey Mullins, 25, are all being held at the Wilson County Detention Center under various charges.

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