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Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat And More Apps Rumored To Be Introducing Dark Mode Feature

#Roommates, if you can’t get enough of the dark mode feature on social media apps like Twitter and Instagram, you might be in luck because the cool visual element could be more widespread in 2020. Reportedly, several other popular apps are flirting with the idea of going “dark.”

It’s hard not to love the sleek dark mode feature that gives apps a whole new life and are also much better for your eyes. Apparently, after seeing the success from users of dark mode on both Twitter and Instagram, the tech teams of other social apps are seriously considering the idea for their own. @USAToday reports, Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat are just some of the fan favorite apps that could possibly be introducing new dark mode settings.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong recently spotted evidence that Facebook’s complete dark mode is currently being tested and Facebook has pretty much confirmed it. Meanwhile, Snapchat is keeping its plans a lot more secretive and has not released any information yet or given any clues—and WhatsApp is similarly following their lead.

Switching to dark mode on your mobile device and in apps can be much easier on the eyes and improve sleep rhythms. Glaring bright screens can significantly disrupt your sleeping pattern and dark mode is also beneficial to stop smartphone batteries from draining so quickly. Additionally, it also helps those with visual impairments or light sensitivity.

When Apple released its iOS 13 update last year fans went crazy for it, noting how modern and sleek it looks in comparison to the standard white background that had been previously used for years in the smartphone arena. Since then, Gmail, Facebook Messenger and Android 10 have all introduced dark updates.


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