#TSRTech: Two HBCU Graduates From Baltimore Created An App That Gives You Instant Captions For Instagram Flicks

And once again, Black Excellence is reigning supreme! If you’re part of the “CaPtiOns arE strEsSful” club, these two HBCU graduates turned business partners are making your days on Instagram a little more easygoing for you. Remember that screenshot we posted a while back of a girl asking her sister for a caption? ???? this is for you sis!

Caption Any Photo is not only free, it has instant captions for days! Basically, you can pick a category of the type of caption you need; like Homecoming Season, Break Ups and Girls Night Out. You can even search strictly song lyrics! It even gives you the option to submit your own captions for the database! On top of all that, it allows you to set reminders for the best time of day to post to get the best engagement.

The creators, Juwon Nickolson and JaBre Jennings are two HBCU graduates (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) and are both from Baltimore, MD. The pair said they wanted to create the app to help individuals and small businesses.


“We found that a lot of businesses were having a lack of engagement due to not knowing what to post,” Jabre said. “So what our app does is once you find the photo, we give you the quote and caption to actually let you post to social media and increase engagement. ”


The pair said they met in undergrad at UMES back in 2010. They were both on Student Government, where they became tight. He said once, they took a photo and it took hours to come up with a caption when the idea sparked, “we should make an app for that!”

The business partners said they plan to expand the app as a subscription service for companies and brands.

The app is user friendly and is definitely the new wave.


Is this something that you would try out, Roommates?!

Check it out here.

TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny!