#TSRThrowbackz: Do Y'all Remember When Larissa & Shay Johnson Conspired To Steal Leilene's Pictures On 'Charm School'?!

#TSRThrowbackz: Do Y’all Remember When Larissa & Shay Johnson Conspired To Steal Leilene’s Pictures On ‘Charm School’?!


Roommates, do y’all remember #CharmSchool from back in the day? The cast was comprised of a group of ladies who lost #FlavorOfLove and comedian #MoNique who acted as the headmistress. Her job was to polish these ladies into classy women through various challenges, however, some of the girls just couldn’t part with their old ways!

One of the most scandalous episodes was when Larissa aka #Bootz decided to steal fellow cast member Leilene aka #Smiley’s picture of her mother. All of the ladies in the house became OBSESSED with who stole the picture and Larissa somehow convinced everyone that it was Schatar aka #Hottie so she was unfairly sent home!

Reality show OG #ShayJohnson aka #Buckeey had actually conspired with Larissa to do steal the picture, but since Schatar going home weighed so heavily on her conscience, she eventually told MoNique the truth.

The gag of the show was when Larissa and Shay were called down to the carpet for elimination and all hell broke loose. Larissa went off on Mo and Shay, because she didn’t think that she should have been the only one to be blamed for the theft. Take a look at the episode for yourself for a trip down memory lane!

Also, shout out to Shay Johnson for being an OG reality star! She’s still getting that VH1 schmoney!

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