On Monday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a bill into law that would require certain sex offenders to be chemically castrated before they are out on parole.

According to CBS News, the Governor’s office said that the bill would go into effect later this year, and will include those who commit their crimes after September 1st. The bill will apply to certain sex offenders that have committed crimes that involve children that are younger than 13-years-old.

As we previously reported, chemical castration uses drugs to suppress sexual urges. Offenders would also be required to pay to have the procedure done, and those who refuse will be violating their parole.

Alabama is not the first state to approve the chemical castration, however, it is unclear how many have already performed the procedure.

According to CNN, Governor Ivey spoke about her approval of the bill and said, “This bill is a step toward protecting children in Alabama.”

The law requires the offender to continue the treatments until a court says that the treatment is no longer necessary.

However, some people are not here for the forced chemical castration and argue that it violates human rights.

Randall Marshall, the executive director of the Alabama chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union said to CNN, “It certainly presents serious issues about involuntary medical treatment, informed consent, the right to privacy, and cruel and unusual punishment. And, it is a return, if you will, to the dark ages.”

He continued, “This kind of punishment for crimes is something that has been around throughout history, but as we’ve gotten more enlightened in criminal justice we’ve gotten away from this kind of retribution.”


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