TSR STAFF: Megan E! @meganryan_e
Last night, we reported on a terrorist attack that took place in New Zealand. It’s being reported that at least 49 people have passed after a shooting attack in two mosque locations.
According to @goodmorningamerica, at Christchurch, 41 people were killed, and it was categorized as a terrorist attack. At the Christchurch Hospital they confirmed that they were treating 48 people for gunshot wounds from minor to critical, and one person even died at the hospital.
What’s even worse about this terrifying attack according to New Zealand police, is that one of the gunmen was wearing tactical gear and live streaming the shootings on social media. He recorded from the time he was getting out of his vehicle to when he entered the worship center in central Christchurch, and that is when he opened fire. It has been confirmed that all social media sites made sure to remove any accounts or videos that were associated with the shooting according to police, but there can be more out there. Police did state “We strongly urge that the link not be shared. We are working to have any footage removed.”
Witnesses said the shooting occurred around 1:40 p.m. on Friday, which was last night on Thursday in the U.S. One witness, Ramzan Ali told The Associated Press “The Sheikh was giving the sermon on Friday prayers and it was 1:42 [p.m.] and the gun starts shooting and he just came in and he was shooting ad hoc.”
There have been four people taken into custody–this includes three men, and one woman following the attack. According to the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, he confirmed that one of the gunmen was an Australian citizen, while another person who was taken into custody had a firearm. Police said they had nothing to do with the attack. The Australian citizen is being charged and will go to court on Saturday. Police did say none of those who were taken into custody were active terrorist that were being watched so this happened unexpectedly.
According to @goodmornignamerica, the gunman also opened fire outside of the mosques. Police recovered two improvised explosive devices attached to vehicles in the surrounding area. Police were able to remove them safely.
New Zealand’s politician, #JacindaArdern spoke about how the shootings were terrorist attacks and the victims were of many nationalities stating “Many of those directly involved might be immigrants, refugees who chose to be there. They are us. The person who has done this, is not.”
The investigation is still ongoing as of now. We will keep you guys updated.
Source: Good Morning America