The attorneys for #AmberGuyger, the cop who fatally shot #BothamJean, asked a judge to move her murder trial out of #Dallas, citing “media hysteria” surrounding the case, @dallasnews reports.

Guyger, 30, killed 26-year-old Jean on September 6th inside his apartment, claiming she mistook his apartment for hers and thought he was an intruder. She was off duty but still in her uniform when the shooting happened.

Guyger’s attorneys argued that the “publicity surrounding the case has been prejudicial and inflammatory.” Her attorneys noted the international attention the shooting has received, citing 297 articles about Guyger and Jean in their motion.

Her attorneys also argue that several prominent public officials’ comments on the case, along with media coverage, make it impossible for the former Dallas officer to get a fair trial in Dallas County. They also claim that the media has portrayed the shooting to be racial when they say it’s not.

“There is no evidence showing that defendant knew that a black man lived in that apartment,” they wrote in the motion. “There is no evidence showing that defendant knew that a person in that apartment was smoking marijuana. And certainly, neither defendant nor her attorneys had anything to do with the discovery of marijuana in Mr. Jean’s apartment or the dissemination of this fact to the media.”

The trial is scheduled to start September 23rd and jury selection is supposed to begin on the first anniversary of Jean’s death. 

The attorneys for Guyger said former Dallas District Attorney Faith Johnson “poisoned the jury pool” by commenting on the case publicly, pointing to news conferences she spoke at after Guyger’s arrest and indictment, along with Jean’s family. 

The attorneys also argue that Johnson interfered with Guyger’s right to a fair trial.

Lee Merritt, one of the attorneys representing Jean’s family in a federal civil lawsuit they filed against Guyger and the city of Dallas, said in a statement Monday that her attorneys’ motion to change venues was “as anticipated as it is baseless.” 

Merritt said showing the publicity of a case isn’t enough to prove it requires a new venue. He also said the attorneys would need to show that potential jurors have been “so tainted by misinformation” that their minds were already made up about Guyger’s guilt or innocence.

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