#Roommates, it took little to no time for a video of a Florida teen getting slammed to the ground by police to go viral. In the video you can see officers pepper spray the boy, and use what many would say was excessive force to arrest him.

The most upsetting part was, in the arrest report the officer who was caught on video said he arrested the boy (who is a minor) because he saw him pick up a cellphone near the student who was being arrested and take an “aggressive stance” towards him.

According to @NBC, the deputy involved justified his actions by claiming he feared someone might grab one of the weapons off of his belt or vest. He apparently has been placed on administrative assignment.

As of now there is no word on whether or not the deputy will be fired. However, Broward County mayor Mark Bogen released a statement via Twitter where he clearly was not happy with the video and even suggested the deputy in the video should be fired. Additionally, he calls the entire incident “outrageous and unacceptable.”


Broward Sheriff Gregory Tony also is calling for an internal investigation of the matter and emphasizes his commitment to transparency and accountability.


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