#TSRUpdatez: Quite a few people made a big stank when word got out that #IdrisElba would replace #WillSmith as ‘Deadshot’ in the new #SuicideSquad sequel.

Well come to find out, @Variety reports that Idris Elba is in fact in the new sequel, but there is no more Deadshot. Idris will play a completely new character in the new film.

Sources told Variety that all parties including director #JamesGunn have decided to move on from the Deadshot character. Warner Bros. did not comment on the decision.

As far as the character Idris will be playing, there isn’t much to report yet but apparently after weeks of discussion, everyone involved felt that making him a new character was the right move.

Team members also did not want to feel as if they were disrespecting Big Willie, who helped bring his character to life for the first time, by replacing him with Idris.

While many believe chances are still slim for a future return of Will’s Deadshot, the decision keeps the door open for him to possibly come back in future films, since his original reason for leaving had to do with scheduling conflicts and not creative differences.

Back in February, Variety reported that Will would not be appearing in the next film and Warner Bros. and Gunn moved instantly to add Idris to the team after the director and actor sat down days after Will’s departure.

The meeting reportedly went so well that Idris agreed on the spot to join the next installment, but even at that time it was not set in stone whether he’d be playing Deadshot or a brand new member of the team.

With this decision, it looks like the only three characters expected to return are Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney’s Captain Boomerang, and Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller.

Gunn is in the process of casting the remaining team members with production expected to start this fall. The film is scheduled to be released on August 6th, 2021.

The original “Suicide Squad” — starring Will, Jared Leto and Robbie — became a massive box office sensation when it hit theaters in 2016 and grossed $746 million worldwide.

TSR STAFF: Christina C! @cdelafresh