Kris Jenner's Ex-Bodyguard Is Reportedly Seeking Over $3 Million In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (Update)

Kris Jenner’s Ex-Bodyguard Is Reportedly Seeking Over $3 Million In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit (Update)

Roommates, do y’all remember Kris Jenner being hit with a lawsuit by one of her former staffers a few months back? Well, she was and the alleged victim is claiming she sexually harassed him! We previously reported that Kris’ now ex-bodyguard hit her with the suit, but a new filing reveals how much he is seeking in damages, and it’s definitely a big bag.

According to The Blast, the alleged victim, Marc McWilliams, is now asking for over $3 million, alleging that Kris Jenner groped him and exhibited inappropriate behavior while he was working for the family as a bodyguard.

The new filing alleged that not only was McWilliams a victim of unwanted sexual harassment by Kris, but also claims he complained to supervisors about the treatment and no action was taken by his employer.

“[McWilliams] seeks to recover his damages, which arose over unwanted sexual and gender harassment. [He] repeatedly complained to supervisors and Human Resources, but no action was taken by employer. Defendants clearly retaliated against [him] for lodging complaints about said misconduct and terminated him on or about September 2019,” the new legal documents state. “[His] damages are in excess of three million dollars.”

As we previously reported, McWilliams is accusing Kris of unwanted touching including, “Massaging [his] neck, shoulders, arms and back without consent, causing her hand to rest of [his] thigh and groin, causing her pelvis to rub against [his] back and/or rear-end without consent or approval, causing her hands to come into contact with [his] rear-end without consent or approval.

Kris has denied the allegations, as we stated previously, and is even threatening to countersue McWilliams and his attorneys for malicious prosecution.

Do y’all think Kris can use her mom-ager powers to get herself out of this one? Let us know in the comments, Roomies!

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