Last month, it was reported that R. Kelly lost his sexual assault case after failing to show up to court. His attorney quickly filed a motion, asking the judge to throw out the default judgment entered against him.

If you remember, Heather Williams, 36, claims that R. Kelly allegedly sexually abused her when she was 16-years-old. At the time when he was served, he was already in jail for failing to pay child support. His lawyer argued that he was confused and overwhelmed during the time he was served. He also added that R. Kelly didn’t understand what he was reading.

According to TMZ, it looks like the motion worked because the judge vacated the default judgment, meaning he can now fight the lawsuit on its merits.

Kelly’s attorney’s Zaid Abdallah and Raed Shalabi told the site, “We’ve never been part of a criminal case where an alleged victim has filed a civil case during a criminal proceeding.”

As we previously reported, Cook Country prosecutors allege that R Kelly had his manager approach Heather in a restaurant as she celebrated her 16th birthday. The two began contacting one another regularly and were involved in a sexual relationship.

Heather reportedly said that she couldn’t determine the type of relationship she had with R. Kelly at the moment because she was a child, and also accuses him of causing her emotional distress.

When it comes to his child support status, TMZ reports that he just handed over $62,000 in backed child support that he owed to his ex-wife Drea Kelly. On Wednesday, when he appeared in court he was informed that he still owes $32,000 in interest on child support.

He reportedly has to pay just over $20,000 a month to his ex.


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