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Rev. Jesse Jackson Opens Up About His Battle With COVID-19: “I Couldn’t Walk Nor Talk For Three Weeks”

Civil rights icon Reverend Jesse Jackson is doing much better after his battle with COVID-19! If you recall, he and his wife Jacqueline Jackson caught the virus in August. She was released in September, while Rev. Jackson was released two weeks ago after being in a rehabilitation facility, where he underwent therapy to treat his Parkinson’s disease.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Rev. Jackson had a gathering to celebrate his 80th birthday. He opened up about his career and health, surrounded by pastors and leaders from around Chicago. At the celebration, Rev. Jackson, who was vaccinated, said the vaccine saved his life. “I could not walk nor talk for three weeks,” he said. “I went to rehab so I could learn how to walk or talk again. You need to know that, God, the shots matter.”

As he continued, he encouraged others in the Black community to get the vaccine. “Registration. Vaccination. Education,” Rev. Jackson repeated. “We must get registered to vote, and we must get vaccinated.” Rev. Jackson’s son, Jonathan Jackson, who was in attendance, spoke on his father’s impact on civil rights and said it’s “imperative that his father’s work to fight for social justice continues today.”

During the event, Rev. Jackson took a second to switch gears and gave a call to action on several social justice issues that he believes are threatening “all we’ve gained in the last 50 years.” Rev. Jackson declared that “We’re in a critical situation. We must now organize a different paradigm, a different disposition.”

The political talk didn’t stop there. He took a trip down memory lane and reflected on his 1984 talks with revolutionary Castro, which helped lead to release 48 political prisoners. In addition, he briefly talked about his 1990 meeting with the late Nelson Mandela after his release from prison. It’s great to see that Rev. Jackson’s health is in good standing!

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