#Roommates, we’ve been keeping you up on the #ShannadeClermont updates and the latest development looks to be a good thing (considering the circumstances)! If you remember, Shannade was recently sentenced to one year in prison for pleading guilty to one count of wire fraud.

According to court documents obtained by @Blast, the judge in the case sentenced Shannade to 1 year in prison, BUT also wants her to have 3 years of supervised release when she’s off prison grounds. Once Shannade becomes a free woman, she’ll have to  enroll in an outpatient treatment program that will include drug testing. Along with the drug tests, the judge in her case wants her to complete an outpatient mental health program and take any prescribed medications (if recommended) during the process.

The treatment programs aren’t the only requirements, Shannade will also have to agree to having her property searched at any time with or without a warrant. Once she does all of those things, she still has to pay $4,696 in restitution and cannot open any new credit cards or make any new credit card purchases.

Whew! This judge clearly does not play! Shannade has until June 4th to turn herself in so she can be to serve her sentence.

If you remember, last year, Shannade was caught up in a situation where she was accused of using debit card information from a man who passed away reportedly during a “prostitution date” the pair arranged. Shannade actually was facing up to 20 years for trying to make $20K in purchases on his card after he died.

So even though the road after she’s out of prison looks to be an uphill battle, it definitely beats a 20-year sentence.

Source: https://theblast.com/bad-girls-club-shannade-clermont-drug-treatment/