#Roommates, we’ve been keeping you guys updated on what went down in a planned armed robbery that left #Safaree so shaken up, he got emotional during an interview with #AngieMartinez. But now, there’s footage that shows a play-by-play of the robbery itself!
A surveillance video, obtained by @tmz_tv, shows two men by the name of #JonathanRicketts and #ShawnHarewood (a man that was a former friend of Safaree) pulling up on him and his associate with guns. The whole thing went down in a parking garage in NYC.
In the video, you can see one man go through Safaree’s red fur coat, before asking him and his friend to lay face down on the ground. The suspected thieves walked away with $183K in cash and jewelry before getting caught shortly after the deed was done!
We’re just glad Safaree is okay!
To watch full video: click here