The woman that was accused of involvement with the killing of a Las Vegas nail salon worker has been arrested.

According to NBC News, federal authorities in Arizona arrested Krystal Whipple, 21, on Friday. She was taken into custody in connection to the passing of 51-year-old Ngoc Q. Nguyen.

Las Vegas Metro Police said in a statement, “The Las Vegas Criminal Apprehension Team developed information on the whereabouts of Whipple. That information was passed to the FBI Phoenix Violent Crime Task Force who located Whipple and took her into custody without incident a short time ago.”

As we previously reported, the incident occurred after Krystal’s card declined when she went to pay for her $35 manicure. She went to her car and told nail salon workers that she would come back and pay another way, but instead tried to drive away.

That’s when Ngoc Q. Nguyen reportedly ran in front of the car to prevent her from driving off. However, she was run over by the vehicle. She was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced deceased.

A stolen rental car believed to have been the vehicle driven by the customer was found a few blocks away.