Three officers with the #ChicagoPoliceDepartment accused of trying to cover up the fatal shooting of #LaquanMcDonald were found not guilty on all counts today.

Retired #CPD officers #DavidMarch and #JosephWalsh, as well as #ThomasGaffney — who is currently suspended without pay — were on trial for conspiracy, obstruction of justice and official misconduct charges. All three were accused of coordinating their stories and filing false police reports after Laquan was shot 16 times in 2014 by Officer #JasonVanDyke.

Judge #DomenicaStephenson ruled this afternoon that the state did not meet the burden of proof in the case and the three officers were acquitted, according to @abc7chicago. Van Dyke, who was found guilty of second degree murder, is currently awaiting his sentence for killing Laquan.

Officials argued that the officers’ statements in Laquan’s shooting did not match up with the dashcam recording of the shooting.

Each man was represented by their own attorney. Through this trial, their legal teams claimed each officer filled out the report based off of what was told to them at the scene. The three officers on trial said they were just doing their job.

“The judge listened to the evidence in this case (…) and it was clear from a written ruling, which you all now have a copy of, that she heard every word of the testimony in this trial and she concluded, as we did a year before, that there never was a case here,” one of the attorneys representing officer Joseph Walsh said after the ruling.

While the verdict of this case comes as a loss for Laquan’s loved ones who are seeking justice, many hope that the judge who will issue Van Dyke’s sentence won’t do so lightly. Van Dyke was convicted in Laquan’s murder back in October.

We’ll keep you updated on the latest, #Roommates.

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