TSR STAFF: Megan E! @meganryan_e
Okay #Roomies so it looks like #YBNAlmightyJay’s alleged attackers have been arrested, but not for the attack they allegedly did to him.
According to @tmz_tv, the crew who allegedly attacked and robbed Jay were arrested on Wednesday evening. Law enforcement told TMZ that cops identified #ZaeNumbafive as a person of interest. He is also in a crew that goes by the name “Jack Boyz.”
He and three other #JackBoyz members were all arrested on Wednesday. They were reportedly arrested for an unrelated federal investigation in connection to an attempted murder case in the aid of racketeering and firearm charges. Apparently this is all in connection to the shooting of an off-duty NYPD officer, TMZ reports. If convicted, the crew could face up to life in prison.
The crew were questioned about Jay’s attack, and although they claim they had nothing to do with his attack, two members admitted to being on the scene. One of the boys claimed that he did have issues with Jay in the past, but they were able to work out everything. Jay claims he didn’t know any of the attackers. Although Jay allegedly claims he can not identify the attackers because there was a group of them, he allegedly told the cops he is willing to work and cooperate with them.
As you may remember, Jay was attacked on Friday evening a couple of times in New York. His face was sliced, which led him to have to get 300 stitche. Someone reportedly hit his head with a Hennessy bottle, he was kicked in the face several times, and punched several times as he was trying to defend himself. The attackers allegedly took $16K in cash, a $20K chain and a pair of his shoes. The videos of his attacks went viral, and it did not sit well with a lot of celebrities. #JPrince even weighed in on the situation and called out Zae and his crew and according to @tmz_tv “putting out an APB to his mob ties to nab them.” That’s when Zee responded by posting a video showing off Jay’s jewelry including his chain.
As of now the investigation is still ongoing.
Source: TMZ