#Tupac’s stepfather #MutuluShakur, formerly of the #BlackPantherParty, has spent the past thirty years in a federal penitentiary. He was sentenced to 60 years back in 1987 for stealing $2 Million from a Brinks truck and killing three guards in the process! In addition, he was accused of aiding and abetting the escape of #AssataShakur from a prison in New Jersey.

The couple was targeted by the #CointelPro program in which civil rights organizations were closely watched by the government and even infiltrated.

Over the years, Shakur has maintained that he’s innocent of the charges that were brought against him and he is now suing the government for violating his Constitutional First Amendment rights. “The Plaintiff has led a highly productive and exemplary life in prison, influencing his stepson Tupac Shakur’s career as a worldwide renowned hip-hop artist with messages of non-violence that reached millions of young people,” Shakur states in a lawsuit filed last week.

Shakur was up for parole two years ago, however that was reportedly revoked based on a failed drug test from over 30 years ago! He is arguing that the prosecution has failed to provide legitimate reasons as to why he shouldn’t be released.

“The commission has failed to adopt or apply any known standards on the meaning of frequent rule violations. A handful of old telephone rule violations over 30 years do not show Plaintiff frequently violated prison rules or is likely to re-offend If released on parole,” the lawsuit reads.

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Source: http://thesource.com/2018/03/29/tupacs-father-mutulu-shakur-files-lawsuit-against-the-u-s-government-for-illegally-holding-him-in-prison/