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Two D.C. Women Are Being Charged With 3rd Degree Assault For Twerking!

 Twerking has become apart of our every day lives. You twerk when you’re happy, when you’re with bae and I even twerk a ‘lil sum when I know I’m about to eat good! But, if twerking is wrong, I think I wanna be right now….

#PettyWapWednesday is a day early, y’all. Two young women are wanted by D.C. police for “sexually abusing” a man in a convenience store. It was 4:08 p.m. and both of these girls had some teeny dresses on! Anyway, one of the girls is at the cashier and then the “victim” gets in line behind her. As Thing 1 was paying, her friend walks into the store and the next thing you know, Thing 1 starts twerking on the customer behind her! The male customer backs up off of her BUT THEN…

Thing 2 sees that he has cash in his hand, so she begins flirting with him as you can see in the video. Not only is she reaching for his cash, but she’s reaching for his phone as well as his crotch! Reading body language alone, you can see that the male customer is very uncomfortable and tries to get away from the women. Maybe he’s an older guy, though, because who doesn’t enjoy a surprise lap dance? 
According to NY Daily News, the girls will be charged with 3rd degree assault which “includes inappropriate touching and “involves actual force, threats putting the person in fear of death, bodily injury or kidnapping,” according to D.C. statute.
Roommates, what has been the most ridiculous thing you’ve gotten arrested/reprimanded for? tell us in the comments!

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