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Two Employees Charged For Allegedly Sending Over $100,000 in Chick-fil-A Profits To Their Personal Bank Accounts

Roomies, many people feel that Chick-fil-A sets the standard when it comes to quality fast-food. Let’s not forget that time an employee in Virginia climbed down a storm drain just to retrieve a customer’s phone! We’ve also seen the viral memes and video skits about the typically great service. Well, it seems like a couple of employees might’ve slipped through the cracks! Two former employees of the company are facing criminal charges in Alabama for allegedly taking over $100,000 from the company’s profits.

According to Newsweek, the former employees have been identified as 37-year-old Larry James Black Jr. and 40-year-old Joshua Daniel Powell. Both men worked at the Chick-fil-A located in the Five Points area of Birmingham, Alabama. Larry worked as the former director of hospitality, while Joshua worked as the former manager. The pair allegedly deposited customer payments from their workplace into their personal bank accounts.

Both men have been charged with “conspiracy to commit wire fraud and wire fraud.” Larry is facing additional charges for “bank fraud and misuse of a social security number.”

Together, Larry and Joshua carried out their plan between April 2018 and January 2020. Newsweek reported that they used fake email addresses and digital payment accounts to collect money from customers for food orders and additional sales. Afterwards, the money was sent to bank accounts owned by Larry and Joshua.

During the time of their scheme against Chick-fil-A, Larry also allegedly made false representations about his coins. He falsified information in transactions with “financial institutions,” including a January 2020 application for a mortgage loan. In the application, Joshua faked payroll documents and misrepresented his income from his Chick-fil-A employment. He also used a fake social secuirty number to open the bank accounts where the Chick-fil-A stolen funds were deposited.

On Wednesday, U.S. Attorney Prim F. Escalona and Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Patrick M. Davis issued a joint statement about the charges. The men received a 16-count indictment in the case.

Both former employees are now facing 20 years maximum for each wire fraud charge. Larry is also looking at an extra 30 years maximum for the bank fraud and another five years maximum for the fake social security number.

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